1. About American Midwifery And How We Fit In At Deanna D., Part One

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  2. The History Of Modern Midwifery, Part Two

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  3. The History Of Modern Midwifery, Part One

    While this technically isn’t a series on the history of midwifery, in a previous post we examined the ancient history of midwifery as it relates to the wellbeing of women and newborn babies. The tradition can be traced back to times long ago -- as early as Ancient Egypt in fact. Yet early versions…Read More

  4. Tips For Decorating Your Baby Room

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  5. Safety Tips For Your Nursery

    Here at Deanna D. Midwifery of the Tri-Cities (that’s Kennewick, Richland, and Pasco - for the uninitiated), we believe in a mother’s right to choose holistic midwife services among her prenatal care options. Midwifery is exactly that kind of approach, and it’s been around in some form far lon…Read More

  6. The History Of Ancient Midwifery

    If you are interested in holistic health care as it relates to the well-being of women and newborns, you are likely familiar to some degree with midwifery. Modern conceptions of the ancient tradition include stereotypes of underwater births, women dressed in pseudo-nun garb, and the list goes on. In…Read More

  7. A Look At Deanna D.’s Midwife Services And Reviews

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