Pregnancy can be a wonderful, exciting time for an expecting mother. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be stressful at the same time. It’s really quite common to feel tense, anxious, or overtired. In today’s post, we will look at yoga and pregnancy. Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual exercise practice that could help you relieve some of that pressure you may be feeling, by re-routing all of the built up tension in a healthy way.

Both yoga and stretching have been known to help expecting mothers to relax, are a great way to give yourself some early pregnancy care. When coupled with a cardiovascular exercise, such as walking, yoga is often an ideal way for pregnant mothers to stay in good shape. Some of the benefits of yoga include keeping you limber, toning muscles, and improving balance and circulation, all with very little joint related pressure.


But perhaps the most important and practical benefit of mid-pregnancy yoga is probably the ability to breathe deeply in order to consciously relax. Having the capability to take control of your own stress related to the entire situation can be so helpful down the road, especially when you get closer and closer to labor, are having more prenatal checkups, and things just get more real in general.

Learning to breathe fully is one of the very first things you’ll learn in a yoga class. But if you want to try it on your own, inhale deeply and slowly through your nose, fill the lungs as you expand your stomach, and then let all the air go completely until your stomach compresses. Take a tiny break between each inhalation and exhalation for an added sense of completion.

An interesting tidbit of scientific research that has to do with yoga and prenatal care is that prenatal yoga actually lower your chance of having pregnancy complications. It lowers your pain and stress levels as well. A final benefit (which is only a possibility, nothing has been shown to be certain as of yet) is that yoga may also reduce the chances of having a baby that is small for her gestational age. Of course, we recommend finding a certified midwife at Deanna D. Midwifery for all of your medical related questions regarding your pregnancy.

Tell Your Instructor You Are Expecting

A final tip from us is that if you do end up taking a pregnancy class, make sure your instructor knows that you are expecting. Of course, before you do any physical activity, you’ll want to check with your physician or certified midwife to make sure you and your baby are ready for an exercise routine.

At Deanna D. Midwifery, we are passionate about getting to know our clients and making sure they are as empowered and comfortable as possible, throughout this exciting and often challenging season of life. Yoga is just one of the many ways we can offer advice and customized care for you and your child. Please consider us if you are expecting and looking into your antenatal clinic options. We take care of our patients as if they were our very own family.