If you are looking for an alternative birthing center, an antenatal clinic, or a midwife clinic in the Tri-cities area, Deanna D. Midwifery represents a great choice for expectant mothers and families looking for comprehensive healthcare for women. As a local Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and certified midwife, Deanna D. and our staff are experienced in a variety of women’s health services. You will find them listed below.

  • Annual physical examinations
  • Symptom assessment and diagnosis
  • Medication prescription
  • Interpretation of laboratory and diagnostic tests
  • Disease prevention and care
  • Health promotion
  • Wellness education and counseling

What We’ve Covered Lately

Recently, we’ve been discussing postpartum depression, anxiety, and other ailments of that ilk. That world is not often a comfortable one to explore, but it remains one that expectant mothers need to be aware of nevertheless. The more familiar you are with an ailment’s symptoms, the sooner you can identify what is happening and take necessary measures to address it.

Even though the previous topics were important, it’s easy to get bogged down in the stress of what could go wrong. With the resources available for anyone who has an interest in hearing about what might happen if a pregnancy or delivery experience goes less than well, it’s no wonder that we hear about and see women and families who are mired in fear, rather than hopeful and positive about this wondrous, novel experience of being pregnant and having a baby. With that in mind, we thought it would be fun to remind our readers of such joys. Keep reading if you are in need of a little pick-me-up with regards to pregnancy. After all, we are more than just your average birthing center. We provide wellness education, counseling, and support as part of our WHNP services.

The Joys Of Pregnancy

Everyone knows that having a baby isn’t all sun and daisies. We focus on the challenges and trials of the experience more often than not. People ask an expectant mother about how she’s feeling as much as she’s asked about something more positive. But there are significant joys that deserve their fair share of attention as well.

One of the most commonly shared feelings of joy is the literal feeling of having your baby move around.

It’s not really something that can be described accurately, it’s just a joy each mother can treasure as they know that it’s only their experience to know. Because it’s difficult to explain, we’ll just leave it at that.

You Are Doing What Your Body Has Been Designed To Do

Sometimes it’s healthy to take a step back and realize that you exist within a certain point of human history. Your parents had parents, whom you likely knew. Your great grandparents had great grandparents, and on and on all the way back it goes. It’s nothing short of a miracle to consider that fact. Each mother’s mother has done this before you, and you now get to take your place in your family’s line and procreate. From a biological perspective, you are furthering not only your own line but also your species. Participating in this penultimately natural process is a thing of beauty which any mother can be proud of. It’s not typically something people consider while they are approaching the due date or even after delivery, so we thought we might mention it now during the calm before the storm, if you will.

Thick, Lustrous Hair

Alright, this one is a bit surface-level, but it remains true nevertheless. Due to hormonal changes, you’ll likely experience an improvement in both hair growth and hair health. Of course, this does mean that more hair will grow everywhere – not everywhere that it’s wanted, either. Regardless, we recommend embracing this newfound sheen. It’s part of the glow.

Embrace Your Curves

Now is the time to fully embrace your pregnancy and all that it entails. You body will tell you that it needs more food, and by all means, listen to it. You don’t have to worry about watching your belly grow, and that can be a really nice thing, for once in your life. After all, it’s not about you. It’s about the baby. So if you want that extra slice of pie this Christmas, good on ya!

Telling A Secret

Assuming there isn’t an abnormal situation, you get to determine when you tell those closest to you about what’s happening inside you. The best part is that it is totally up to you to decide when and where that can take place. Sure, not everyone will make a big deal out of it, but if taking your friends and family out for a special meal sounds good to you, then we are 100 percent in support of that. One piece of advice, which you can take or leave, is to tell your partner before anyone else. Parents and friends finding out before the father does can be hurtful. But, again, we don’t know your specifics, just our banal two cents!

You Are Literally Making A New Person

Just treasure that fact for a moment. This person, currently so small and dependent, will grow up to have hopes, fears, friends, crushes, kisses, loves, pain, joy, and, perhaps, a family of their own one day. You get to play a huge role in helping them learn about life and how to handle the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, as Shakespeare coined it. While that responsibility might feel you with a degree of trepidation, there’s nothing wrong with that. It might also fill you with excitement at what the future holds, which is a great place to be.

Take The Time To Pamper Yourself

We’ve discussed it in past posts; pregnancy is an amazing time to show yourself a little self-care. Whether that is journaling, going to the spa, eating anything you like, binging on Netflix, or finally finding the time to pick up a new hobby, it’s certainly the time to give yourself that extra bit of TLC that you deserve. Consider adding a pregnancy-based yoga class while you are at it. But be sure to consult your certified midwife before doing so.

One Day, You Might Have Grandchildren

If your children grow up and decide that their parents aren’t crazy, that could mean that they think following in your footsteps and having a child is a good way to live their lives. If this transpires, you are in luck. Being a grandparent is considered preferential by many who have done both parenting and grandparenting. And the reasons why are fairly obvious. For one, the kids go home at the end of the day, and it’s not your responsibility to make sure they are constantly clean, clothed, and well-fed. Perhaps we will write an entire blog post about this topic…stay tuned.

Call Your Local WHNP

Whether you are seeking a Tri-cities certified midwife or are just researching alternative birthing centers, Deanna D. Midwifery has the experience and dedication in providing exceptional antenatal care for both mothers and little ones. Folks of Kennewick, Pasco, Richland, and the surrounding region are coming to know Deanna D. as a great choice for midwife services. If you are interested in getting modern, personalized prenatal care, get in touch with us today!