Here at Deanna D. Midwifery, located at 303 Bradley Blvd Ste 202, Richland, WA, 99352, we have a passion for helping mothers in Richland, Pasco, and Kennewick with local midwife services. Some people don’t know what midwives do in particular, and we are happy to explain it to them. Likewise, if anyone, perhaps even yourself, has a question about a particular midwife service or what have you, you can visit out midwifery services page.

If you don’t feel like hopping around from page to page, however, you can find the high-level points as follows. We are a holistic, all-encompassing provider of prenatal care, among our other health care services especially for women. Deanna D. is a certified midwife and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, adept in providing clients with assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for a very broad range of issues. We help women from adolescence through menopause with the following services.

  • Wellness education
  • Health promotion
  • Disease prevention and care
  • Interpretation of laboratory and diagnostic tests
  • Medication prescription
  • Symptom assessment and diagnosis
  • Annual physical examinations
  • Primary Care
  • Family planning counseling
  • Childbirth assistance
  • Pregnancy checkups
  • Treatment of STIs (for patient and her partner)
  • Preconception care
  • Gynecological care

Obviously, this isn’t a comprehensive list of all our WHNP services, but it’s a good start. If you have a specific question about our Tri-Cities WHNP or midwife services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, as we would love to hear from you!

Amazing Facts About Your Body During Pregnancy

You might be surprised to read a few of the facts we have prepared for you today. Then again, you might have encountered them before, especially if you are expecting for what isn’t your first rodeo. In your obligatory reading that comes along with being a parent, you may have heard a few of these before. But whether you have or have not, we hope that this post will serve an educational and entertaining purpose for our readers. So keep reading if you fall into either of those categories!

  • Your Body Can Swell Up Pretty Much Anywhere – This might not be news to you, especially if you are a first-time mother who finds herself in her third trimester, but any part of your body can swell up. Why? There is an excess, well, we should say an “extra” amount of fluid can lead to “oedema”, or swelling, throughout your entire body. Usually the swelling is confined to one’s ankles, though. One way to help your body deal with this novel occurrence is to simply elevate your feet at the end of each day for a quarter-hour or so. Also, make sure you stay hydrated for this time, as this will ensure your kidneys are in good working condition throughout the duration of your pregnancy and beyond!
  • You LIterally Grow A New Organ – That’s right, and no, we aren’t counting your new baby as an organ, don’t worry! Any guesses about what that new organ is? It’s your placenta. And how useful and amazing the placenta is, despite the fact that some people get a little grossed out about it. Not only does it facilitate the passing of oxygen and other nutrients into the bloodstream of your little one, but it also helps remove your baby’s fecal matter and further protects against infection in a variety of ways. To help your placenta to its work the best, make sure your diet is balanced.
  • Heartburn Linked With Your Baby Having Hair! – This one is fun. That is, it’s a fun one unless you are the one experiencing heartburn during your pregnancy. Perhaps you’ve heard the “old wives’ tale” that getting heartburn during pregnancy means your little one is going to be born with a head of hair. Researchers had recently set out to disprove such claims as mere folklore, but they happened to find out a close correlation between the two happenings. As it turns out, it appears the hormones released to stimulate hair growth and the hormone which causes the esophagus to relax are the same. Here at Deanna D. Midwifery in the Richland, we think that’s pretty neat!
  • The Uterus Grows Up To 500 Times Its Original Size During Pregnancy – That’s correct; you read that right. Prior to conception, the uterus is quite small in its size. But over the course of the next nine months, your uterus will grow larger by the day. From the size of an orange to that of a melon in just a few months, it’s truly remarkable to consider the changes the body makes. On top of that, it only takes around six weeks for the uterus to return to its previous size. But the primary difference between a uterus of a mother versus a woman who has never had birth is that the mother’s uterus remains more elastic than her counterpart’s.
  • Your Feet Aren’t The Only Thing To Grow During Pregnancy – Your heart and feet grow as well. Your heart growing makes a certain degree of sense, even if you aren’t a physician and or a certified midwife. Why? No, it’s not so she can show more affection to her little one, although that is a very cute answer. It’s so that she can pump blood for two human beings instead of one! The blood in a mother’s body increases a full 50 percent during pregnancy. Because of this increase, the heart has to be able to pump more than it usually would, so it simply adapts and grows. The human body is an amazing thing. Likewise, you’ll probably notice your feet growing when you are starting to show. As you move into your second and third trimesters, your ligaments retain more water and become more elastic. Feet growing is an example of this completely natural occurrence.
  • Up To Fifty Percent Of Mothers Experience Lower Back Pain After Giving Birth – The reason for this phenomena can be found, ironically, in the hormone named relaxin. This hormone is released by the body before giving birth, and is extremely important as it relaxes the ligaments and joints within the pelvis to help make the passing of the newborn through the birth canal possible. Relaxin is not without its side-effects, however. The relaxation of these ligaments and muscles can lead to an instability in a mother’s lower back in the weeks that follow childbirth. Relaxin levels typically stay higher than normal for around four months after giving birth. After this time period has passed, the lower back pain should in turn subside as well. If the pain does not go away, however, consider a visit to your local chiropractor, or perhaps even a back specialist. A surprising 20 percent of women experience serious back pain six months after delivery. But the good news is that, often, it’s simply a case of relearning proper posture. Poor posture can exacerbate the aforementioned symptoms triggered by relaxin, so be sure to be disciplined about keeping your spine aligned and healthy, even when it isn’t easy!

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