In our last post, we offered up some *hopefully* helpful tips related to keeping your baby’s room safe. Some common threads we can briefly remind you of include finding wallpaper, carpeting, and paint that emit low VOC, or volatile organic compounds, levels. Other tips included being meticulous about everything from the distance between your crib’s vertical slats (no wider than the width of a soda can, for the record), to making sure you store the baby-changing supplies in an out of reach place. If you are expecting your first, take our word for it that you will probably be shocked at how quickly your newborn becomes a mobile, adventurous toddler who can reach items you’d never expect them to be able to!

In today’s post, we are going to continue with this baby room setup theme. This time, we’ll deal less with precautionary measures and focus more on some of the fun stuff – making your nursery cozy and fun for your little one on the way. Keep reading if you are in need of some inspiration or even if you’d just like to daydream a little bit about what your own nursery will look like one day!

Think About Atmosphere

Whether you are planning on nursing your baby or not, creating a soothing, cozy atmosphere for feeding your little one (when a significant amount of bonding occurs) is a great idea. We recommend getting both a glider and an ottoman with covers that can be easily cleaned. Gliders and ottomans are great because you can quickly move them to another room in the house if need be. Of course, rocking chairs are never a bad choice, and they can usually be moved without too much fuss as well.

Crib Shopping

Selecting the correct crib, whether you go used or new, is an important decision. As we noted in our previous post, you don’t want to get too fancy. Keep an eye out for corners on the crib where your little one might get snagged. Avoid fancy shapes with hooks and the like.

Other than that, look for a crib that can transition to become a toddler’s crib. This will save you money and the headache of shopping for a new crib while removing the old one. And really, it’s not too difficult to find a crib that can be easily modified to keep a toddler contained while they sleep. A final word of advice would be to get a crib that has a minimum of two adjustable mattress settings with regards to height. When the baby is able to stand by pulling him or herself up, this is a key component to fostering that ability.

Personalize The Room

While shopping online for baby room decor and such can become all-engrossing, don’t forget to add perhaps the most indispensable element to your future baby’s room – a touch of family. “Don’t forget to add something personal. Add lots of colorful pictures and family photos to the walls. The baby definitely needs something to stimulate them by their changing tables. My daughter loves to look at different pictures that I post there while I change her. I also included family pictures so she can begin to recognize familiar faces” says mother rspiegel, a contributor to

And while adding some familial touches like the ones suggested above is key, don’t forget to integrate the room with the rest of your home’s vibe. You don’t want a room that looks incredible on its own but doesn’t incorporate with the rest of your ambiance. If you have a modern home, stay modern. If you have a victorian or a rustic atmosphere, stick with that! We realize that might not qualify as revolutionary information for many of our readers, but it’s nonetheless an important reminder, especially when you’ve gone into full-on “nesting” mode. Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees when you are attempting to make the perfect nursery for your kiddo on the way.

Keep Things Orderly And Uncluttered

We strongly recommend not overdoing it when it comes to thoroughly decorating your baby’s room. We get that it can be tempting to get every single item recommended to you by your friends or online, but honestly, there’s a finite amount of space you can operate in. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to avoid clutter. You’ll be treading back and forth and back and forth throughout the night, and you likely will be doing it without the lights on some of the time to make sure that the baby stays asleep – if they ever fall asleep!

And while we are talking, errr – writing about it, that brings up an important point about storage. You want the storage space to be both convenient (easy to reach so you won’t be unmotivated to use it) and functional (make sure it actually stores the items you need to be stored). You don’t want to be slipping on trucks and other toys in the middle of the night.

Get Family & Friends Involved

One of our favorite touches we think our readers will love is to include the family in the decorating process. We aren’t talking about using them for labor, although having some help when setting up the crib or nursing chairs is a welcome prospect – we are talking about having your family and friends offer a memento or heirloom that could fit into the theme of your nursery. Doing so will certainly improve the uniqueness of your room, fill it with love, and let family members from near and far invest in the little one’s life. It’s a win-win-win!

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