healthtipsBecause the long-term health and wellness of our patients is of the utmost importance to our entire staff, we try to be as educational as possible. In an effort to facilitate healthy lifestyles, we are excited to be able to create and share healthy living tips as often as we can. Through this page, you’ll find nutritional guidance, help with pregnancy care and child care issues, alternative wellness tips and advice regarding supplements and natural remedies for expectant and new mothers.

If you have any suggestions or ideas regarding future posts and tips, please don’t hesitate to contact us. As Richland’s premier midwife service provider, we look forward to helping our community experience a higher level of quality health care. If you are looking to find a midwife clinic that sets themselves apart because of their dedication to providing quality pregnancy care (among our many other female health care services), please consider Deanna D. Midwifery amongst your options.